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I’m Back

I’m back!

After having a profound spiritual experience and writing about it on this blog. Which some of you may have read?   I was told outright that:

  1. I am a crappy writer and
  2. Whatever I experienced must have been the work of the devil.

So I quit writing.

Spiritual experiences can be pretty scary even to me.

But to bash my writing abilities was even scarier.

I never was a great student in school.  I was the daydreamer/ obnoxious child.  I was always told I had the potential but never the determination to achieve that potential.

As I reflect on this can you imagine telling your 5 year old that they can’t write?

In this day and age we would never do that.  It is all about building the little human up to become a confident and respectable adult.

I admit that I am not the most literate human in our family clan when it comes to religion.  I have cousins that can recite the whole bible verse for verse in not only English but in Spanish and several Asian languages as well.

But………………..those hard earned gifts are not what it is all about.

Because God, the divine, the higher power or whomever you want to call that, is not about rules and regulations.  Humans are rules and regulations.

Religion has been the cause of much wars and human genocide.

We all are spiritual human beings that were created by our maker.

Why would we not have spiritual experiences?

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No Subject

Sorry the posts are gone.  

Maybe later, I will take up writing again.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great day!

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