Better Catch It

If Life is Passing You By…….Better Catch It!

Mt St Helens

Hard to believe 37 years have passed.

Not only for Mt St Helens eruption but for me as a human.


Top photo taken by Joann Mixon in the summer of 1979 at base of Mt St Helens. Regular 35 millimeter Fugi Film camera.


This photo taken the day of the eruption from the top of Mt Brynion, Kelso WA.  Actually a very safe place at the time.  This is an original photo taken by Alene Albright with a regular 35 millimeter Fugi Film camera.

Mt St Helens was my childhood stomping grounds.

Spirit Lake is no more.

Coldwater Lake is it’s replacement.  I encourage you to visit and dip your feet into Coldwater because the water is not cold at all.  It is actually, very warm.

Have a blessed day.

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