Better Catch It

If Life is Passing You By…….Better Catch It!

Lighten Your Day

I recently made a call to my oldest and dearest friend.  We have been friends for way too long to put in a time frame.

When her husband is away at work she gets up very early in the morning.  Well at least by 7:30 am.

Her husband works long horrible hours when he is working and then has some brief breaks in between.

He is off work this week.

So 8:00 am rolls around and I give her a call.

Her husband answers the phone.  Hey, is she up?  No.  I just got up to have some coffee and she is still in bed.

WOW! She usually gets up at the crack of dawn?

Well, Dawn doesn’t live here anymore and she never liked her crack.

We laugh and enjoy the moment.

Hope you have those moments too.


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If You Are Here……..

If you have come here for a visit, thank you.

I used to write a blog that became a bit too spiritual for some people.

Someone finally came out and told me that I couldn’t write, which is true.  I was the worst student in my english class while in high school.  I am sure some person out there is auto correcting me at this very moment.  I just had a notion to put stories down for my children and grandchildren.  I finally printed out all those stories and put them in a binder then deleted them off of here.

Through a turn of events, I have actual requests for some of my stories.  I guess they inspired other humans out there.  Kind of like Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories  a product of the 1950’s.


First and foremost, I believe in a higher power that definitely rules our whole world.


I don’t understand why bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people.

And…………………….Are there really bad people or are they humans that have been transformed through terrible events that have happened in their lives?

In a world that is in such turmoil right now, do we have any hope?

My cousin Clar, who is why you are at this link now, says YES!   A hundred times, YES!

She has been an inspiration to me my whole life.

She has went through the worst and come out on the other end even more inspired.

So if you liked the video I made for her on YouTube.  Please email her and tell her.

Thank you so much for the visit and please, as my grandma Worley would say………..

come again.


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